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New domain – icanhasweb.net

I’ve moved the blog to icanhasweb.net/blog. There I’ve written about the new domain and the setup for the new blog platform.

If you wish to subscribe to the new blog, check out the RSS-feed or follow me on twitter.


Installing Buster.JS

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been wanting to use Buster.JS as test framework for my implementation of the master thesis. After installing node, I was ready to install buster. Or so I thought. With npm  (package manager for node) I tried “npm install -g buster”, which gave me an error (full output). It seemed that the module glob wasn’t available in the version buster needed.

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“/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz” when building node.js

As part of the thesis I’ve been looking around for test framework for JavaScript. I’ve found Buster.JS, and its support of mocking, stubbing and asynchronous tests appealed to me. It required Node.JS to work, so I began the task of installing it. I started getting errors, and as I’m not that experienced with the whole compiling-process (I’ve experience from courses where we programmed with C and assembly, but ain’t really fond of it). It took me some time debugging the problem, but the line “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz” stood out after some iterations.

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Disposition iteration #3

I’ve made my third iteration of the disposition available on the net. As always, it’s available on http://folk.uio.no/arnehass/master/disposition.pdf, but I’ve also updated the project on GitHub if you wish to see earlier revisions.

For those not so interested in Javascript and Semantic Web, frown not. At my work we’ve been developing a new framework for structuring abstractions of CSS with LESS. I’ve also tested the concepts on one of my sideprojects, Zetty (will probably explain it in a later post), where I work with Compass, and it’s a breeze to work with.

I’ll write some words on it when given time, which hopefully is soon ^_^

Update to disposition

I’ve updated the disposition, which is still available at http://folk.uio.no/arnehass/master/disposition.pdf. But I’ve also created a git-repository, containing all the documents that’ve been written as part of my master thesis, and it is available at megoth/Semantic-Web—Javascript—A-master-thesis – GitHub ^_^


As part of my master thesis I was advised by my supervisors to write a disposition. It can be read here. I’m grateful for all comments ^_^

Final update to essay

Last week I finished writing on an essay that is part of my master thesis. I was thinking about posting about it this weekend, but, well, with all that’ve happened, that got downgraded. But I feel it’s time to move on with life now.

This is the abstract of the essay.

In this essay I’ve described Semantic Web (SW) and some of the standards encapsulated. Based on this I’ve created a list of functionalities required of a Javascript (JS)-library working toward SW. Then I present existing JS-libraries working with these standards, and discuss how they fill certain needs in the world of SW and JS.

I’ve concluded that the JS-library rdfQuery is the most evolved library as of today.

You can read the rest of the essay here.